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Only first few seconds of video play on android phone using android's native browser
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So I got a new (android) phone. I tried playing a video from commons. Using the default internet app, only the first couple seconds played, even though the video was minutes long. It acted as if the video was only 2 seconds long.

Version is Andriod 4.1.1. I'm new to this whole phone thing, so not sure what other versions/information would be appropriate to include.

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jgerber wrote:

can you add a link to the video you tried to play? to test with the same file.

jgerber wrote:

Chrome on Android plays ok here, please provide a link what resolution did you play etc.

Its happened on all videos I have tried. Webm 360p and 480p were tried. I did not have ogg as a drop down choice from the player. One of the videos I tried was [[file:fireworks closer view.ogv]].

My phone treats the direct file as an audio file (to be downloaded). It plays the audio part fine.

Re-testing this more thoroughly (On both firefox for mobile, and the native android browser):
*File plays fine on the mobile site ( closer view.ogv ) with the exception that only about half the video is shown, since it extends beyond the page of the mobile view, and I cannot re-size. Additionally, the tap anywhere on playing video to pause only works on android native browser, not firefox.

*On the normal site (which when I originally visited commons, I guess I must have been directed to), the video only plays for the first few seconds in android native browser. Firefox is fine.

[Sorry for the vaugeness of the original bug report]

Investigated it a little more. A plain html5 <video> tag plays the file fine (test page ), so definitely a TMH problem

mdale wrote:

I recall some issues that sounded a lot like this with android playback of h.264 in the upstream mwEmbed library, but would be difficult to cross correlate the fix. We may want to revisit testing as we upgrade to v2.

Change 144352 had a related patch set uploaded by Brian Wolff:
Android native browser ending playback after 1 second

Change 144352 merged by jenkins-bot:
Android native browser ending playback after 1 second

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