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Add a new rule in Malayalam for Bindhurepham (0D4E)
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The Bindurepham (0D4E) character placed in the above line has no input rule in both transliteration and inscript keyboards of Malayalam. This is very much required in digitizing older text books in Malayalam Wikisource.

Please add a new input rules for the same in both methods.

The proposed keystrokes are r^ and ^ for transliteration and inscript respectively.

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Severity: enhancement
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Inscript is a standard defined by Department of Information Technology, India. Cannot modify the key assignments till it is defined in standard. I dont see this character mapped to any key in Inscript 2 standard(version 1.2 dated october 2010 )

Transliteration keymap can be modified.

We have already made some modifications in the standard Inscript layout for better usability (see ൗ and chillus). I think, it is not a sin to extend the layout by adding some required characters while keeping the standard as it is.

We usually use the mediawiki:Edittools template for such special characters, which are not available in keyboard. But it is difficult to incorporate this character there. That is the reason of this bug.

manojkmohanme03107 wrote:

We are currently doing digitization of book in 15th century. and repham wildly using in this book. so urgent requirement for a input key stroke for Repham atlest in transliteration input method. about the book in wiki

As some other tools follow the r# combination for repham, the same r# may be used for transliteration method.

manojkmohanme03107 wrote:

Key Magic (a popular Malayalam typing tool)'s Map File Updated with repham (r#)

The above change will be ported to ULS and will be available in wikis as per ULS deployment plan

We are not updating Narayam because it is getting phased out.

For those who want the keyboard mapping immediately:

For the wikis where Narayam is deployed the keyboard mappings can be easily customized at user level as per

mw.loader.using('', function () {
var ml_scheme = $.narayam.getScheme( 'ml' );
var custom_rules = [['ർ#', '','ൎ']];
ml_scheme.rules.unshift.apply( ml_scheme.rules, custom_rules );
} );