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Section edit gets wrong section when wiki-headers prefixed by comment
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Author: kreutzm

I was on this page and frequently doing previews while editing, but I don't know
the exact details (I am always confused of the location of the edit links, hence
I did not notice the error first, I thought it was my error).

Right now, the edit-links are shifted, i.e., pressing the one one the level of
Usage, brings up the edit page for history, on the history one for mutual
recognition agreement and so on, leaving no edit link for Usage.

Please note, that I caused the effect under Firefox/Windows, but under
mozilla/Linux (now at home) I reproduced them. Though I did not try to edit the
page to continue the shift.

I notice, that the links look fine, i.e. section=1, section=2 and so on.

After I noticed this behaviour, I edited the usage part (last paragraph) via the
main tab, as I could not reach that paragraph with a direct link.

I hope this is not yet reported. I tried to search for "edit and shifted" (also
without and) but I always got many results, and those I looked at were different
but I might have missed it.

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: normal



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 8:36 PM
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This was caused by the insertion of HTML comments into the source, which I've

They were added during the three previous edits.

kreutzm wrote:

Then this bug must be cloned, because I never inserted those comment, also I saw
them (but I was not sure that the number of them stayed constant, and I *think*
they were less/none initially. So there a two bugs:

a) Comments prevent edit from being placed properly
b) Somehow (by using preview, I assume) those comments are inserted.

Can you clone this bug appropriately?

kreutzm wrote:

These comments can even make paragraphs invisible (possibly even after
repairing). I edited

And even though I deleted this comments, the first paragraph is still replaced
by a box.
I used Firefox/Windows, and I had trouble getting the text to start at the
beginning of the new line,
but with cutting, pressing enter, and pasting it workd, although the display is
still wrong (if you
edit the page, the first paragraph is indeed there!).

Or is this a new bug?