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WikiEditor Search and Replace dialog uses a nonexistent message key for "replace next"
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to url [1].
  2. Click on the "reply" button of the last message.
  3. The "Wiki editor" will appear.
  4. On the editor toolbar, click on "advanced", and then on the left-most button that is for "search and replace"
  5. A dialog should pop up for the search and replace. The second button has the text <wikieditor-toolbar-tool-replace-button-replacenext>

If you edit on any other normal page, you'll see that the search and replace dialog works well, but it uses a different message key: it uses wikieditor-toolbar-tool-replace-button-replace instead of

Actually, the fact that it uses a different message key than the wiki editor on regular pages is because LQT is using a "forked" edit toolbar different than the wiki editor extension (see also bug #29681)

The dialog message key is used on [2]


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Severity: trivial



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Line 1968 uses 'wikieditor-toolbar-tool-replace-button-replacenext'

I think you've got it backwards; it uses 'wikieditor-toolbar-tool-replace-button-replacenext' but it should use 'wikieditor-toolbar-tool-replace-button-replace'

(In reply to comment #1)

Line 1968 uses 'wikieditor-toolbar-tool-replace-button-replacenext'

I think you've got it backwards; it uses
'wikieditor-toolbar-tool-replace-button-replacenext' but it should use

Yeah, sorry, many browser tabs open :P

Well, you marked the bug as resolved but the change hasn't been merged yet. I guess it would be merged soon since it's a trivial change, so I'll leave it as resolved.