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Alphabetical order wrong on (some?) non-english Wiki's.
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Author: spm

It seems, at first glance, that alphabetical order is being assumed to be the
same as Unicode numerical order. This causes, for example, the letter 'Á' to be
near the end of the alphabet in Icelandic listings, when it should in fact be
immediate to 'A' and preceding 'B'.

Suggested soltution is to include an alphabet-map config string, $wgAlphabet,
for example, in language config files, that declare the correct alphabetical
order, and an appropriate sorting function be implemented, but that the system
falls back to Unicode numerical order (if that is the case), if there is no

Questions arise for abjads, syllabaries and ideographic writing systems -
hiragana (japanese), for example, is most commonly sorted into a table by
phonetic composition, and Chinese, Japanese and Korean ideographs are typicly
sorted into 6 or 7 groups of ideographs based on their composition, meaning and
complexity (or any mixture of these).

Thanks in advance, Smári <>

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