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Non-alphanumeric characters in wgDBname break file uploads
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The default upload directory contains the database name, and is validated by FileBackendStore::isValidContainerName() which only allows alphanumberic characters, - and _, so any other character in the database name breaks uploads completely and results in an error message saying Could not create directory "mwstore://local-backend/local-public/<path>". The dot character (disallowed, apparently, for Swift compatibility) especially is a common pain point since databases are sometimes named after domain names.

The container name is generated from the DB name in FileBackendStore::fullContainerName(), so invalid characters should probably be escaped there.

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Hi grotlek, thanks for reporting and tracking this down!

In current git master (1.21wmf8) this function is located in the file
./includes/filebackend/FileBackendStore.php and you refer to this regex:

return preg_match( '/^[a-z0-9][a-z0-9-_]{0,199}$/i', $container );

grotlek wrote:

Hi Andre,

Yep, that's the one. It looks like it must have moved since 1.19. Sorry I don't have the code near me -- it's in a cold, dark and noisy room -- but from that, it looks like it's doing a case insensitive match anyways, so the only addition I'd suggest is a . character in the second square brackets. (I'm not sure whether I missed spotting that previously -- I was on a "just get it working" mission :-).

Of course, while this fixes my problem, I could not tell you whether:
a) it would have any unwanted side effects or implications elsewhere.
b) it would then make the regex cover all valid scenarios (i.e., do people use other characters?)

I was a bit hesitant from posting this at all, as I couldn't even figure out why it was fiddling with with the database name at all during file upload (it isn't using it in any obvious way -- the uploaded files don't go to a directory containing the DB name, for example). Given this, I'll back out at this point and let you more-knowledgeable folks handle it (if any change is warranted).

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Ejegg added a comment.Sep 11 2013, 4:08 AM

44949 is another report of this bug. The regex is so strict to catch any container names that would break cloud storage backends that may use a '.' to separate namespaces. I just submitted a patch that leaves the strict regex in FileBackendStore but overrides it in FSFileBackend with a much more relaxed one that allows anything but '/'.

Ejegg added a comment.Sep 11 2013, 4:55 AM

I suppose it would be appropriate to link to that commit:

FWIW due to how misleading the resulting error message is I think at least that should be improved, it is really confusing for end users particularly because searching for the error string leads to completely unrelated problems

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Replacing dots with underscores would be an easy solution, as long as we can ensure uniqueness.

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Tgr added a comment.Apr 7 2015, 4:49 PM

Swift container names can contain any UTF-8 character except /. S3 bucket names can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens; the current FileBackendStorage container name rules already fail that. So there doesn't seem to be much to lose from making the rules less strict.

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Upping priority; at a minimum there should be a sensible error message explaining workarounds.

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@Tgr any update? is a downstream ticket I was pinged about.

Change 83774 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
filebackend: FS needn't be so strict with names

Change 219507 had a related patch set uploaded (by Aaron Schulz):
Allow "." in filebackend container prefixes

Change 219507 merged by jenkins-bot:
Allow "." in filebackend container prefixes

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Change 83774 abandoned by Ejegg:
filebackend: FS needn't be so strict with names

@Tgr / @Ejegg: Hi, all related patches in Gerrit have been merged or abandoned. Is there more to do in this task? Asking as you are task assignees / patch authors. Thanks in advance!

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@Tgr / @Ejegg: Hi, all related patches in Gerrit have been merged or abandoned. Is there more to do in this task? Asking as you are task assignees / patch authors. Thanks in advance!

No reply from @Tgr / @Ejegg hence resolving.

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I don't think this has been fixed, the dot character has just been special-cased. T120071: isValidContainerName in /includes/filebackend/FileBackendStore.php not accepting databases starting with "_". for example complains about a starting underscore and T95037: Some valid MySQL database names (with a + plus sign in it) break thumbnails complains about a plus character, and those still produce the error.