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Enable CleanChanges extension on Wikidata
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Given that there are language subdomains, it would make sense for them to send users to RecentChanges filtered by language (for translation and so on); there's already the filtering by Translate, which would then be complete.
It's useful also for other filtering, and requires enhanced RecentChanges to be enabled locally (see also [[mw:Extension:CleanChanges]]), which is no big deal (see bug 35785).

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The subdomains are a huge mess for Wikidata unfortunately. The way to go at the moment is to redirect everything to www. I can't comment on the rest but please don't rely on the language subdomains.

Uh, I don't think this is not going to happen without a local discussion. Various RC patrollers rely on seeing all languages.

(In reply to comment #3)

Various RC patrollers rely on seeing all languages.

CleanChanges doesn't filter by default, try it on I suggested a default to filtering only for people coming from language subdomains, which have been removed in the meanwhile (bug 45005).

Considering what happened when this was deployed on Meta, this definitely needs a local discussion.

I strongly oppose its use on Wikidata because translation activity is very minor compared to content edits. If it were summarily deployed, even after a small discussion, it would outrage the local community.

On Wikidata, it would require an RfC with input from the entire community. There's no saying "that's not how it was done in the past" because a broad well-advertised discussion is how all major user interface changes have been implemented on Wikidata.

Sure, no need for the locals' discussion to happen on this bug; we have shellpolicy keyword for a reason. :)
The premise of my "simplified" request was "Given that there are language subdomains". We no longer have them, so this is no longer something obvious as it was.

[replacing wikidata keyword by adding CC - see bug 56417]

(Cleaning up Wikidata bugs.)

I'm going to close this as nothing seems to be moving here and I see a lot of opposes. Please reopen if still wanted with a link to a favourable local discussion.