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Add an author and portal namespaces on is.wikisource
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Author: bjarki

Icelandic Wikisource needs a author namespace. It should be called Höfundur: and the corresponding talk space Höfundarspjall:

See the discussion here:

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement
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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 1:28 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz44164.

Shouldn't we wait some days? This particular namespace seems currently in discussion, don't it?

bjarki wrote:

Sure. There hasn't been any clear opposition but I asked the community again to speak up. I'll check on this again in a week.

bjarki wrote:

I believe there is consensus for adding both a portal namespace (3 against 1) and an author namespace (all 4 in favor).

As before, the author space should be called Höfundur: and the corresponding talk space Höfundarspjall:
The portal space should be called Gátt: and the corresponding talk space Gáttarspjall:

Dereckson, can you take another look now?

bjarki wrote:

Could someone take a look at this?

bjarki wrote:

Should this be reported again or what is the process here?

We're just waiting for Dereckson to say something.

tomasz added a comment.Apr 9 2013, 1:11 AM

Two additional questions before we proceed here (to avoid future bugs):

  • (1) Do you want any of the namespaces to be treated as content namespaces ([[mw:Manual:$wgContentNamespaces]])?
  • (2) Do you want any of them to be searched by default ([[mw:Manual:$wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefaul]])?

I see there are a couple of main namespace pages that begin with "Höfundur:"[1]; this will need to be resolved either manually or by running a maintenance script — see [[mw:Manual:Using custom namespaces#Dealing with existing pages]] for more details.

There aren't too many pages like that, but if you don't want to move them manually, this will require involving someone with direct access to the servers (and the addition of the 'ops' keyword to this bug).


bjarki wrote:

  • (1) The new namespaces should not be treated as content namespaces.
  • (2) The new namespaces should be searched by default.

I will move these pages manually to Höfundur2: to prepare.

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