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Add new namespace and alias to zh.wikibooks
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I'd like to request the creation of the following new namespace and alias.

New namespaces of:

"Subject" with

"書架" for traditional Chinese;

"书架" for simplified Chinese; and

"SB" as an acronym for this namespace.

"Wikijunior" with

"維基兒童" for traditional Chinese;

"维基儿童" for simplified Chinese; and

"WJ" as an acronym for this namespace.

Could you please set Chinese as default to display for both namespaces.

Please also create an acronym "CAT" for namespace "category". Thank you.

The local discussions for the above proposals are located here:

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Severity: enhancement



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Hi Jason — thanks for the detailed information and apologies for the delay!

Would you mind explaining what do you mean by 'setting Chinese as default display for both namespaces'? As far as I see, the default display for all namespaces on your project is currently English, with traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese being set as aliases[1].

I'm asking this for three reasons: (1) you can only have one name as the default display (so you'd need to choose between traditional and simplified Chinese here), (2) this would be something revolutionary for your wiki (see above), and (3) I cannot find any mention of the new namespaces having a Chinese name in the linked discussions.

As far as I see, you have two pages in the pseudo-namespace "Subject:" and around 190 in the pseudo-namespace "Wikijunior:"[3]; it would be helpful if you moved the "Subject:" pages to different names just temporarily, and we'll run the NamespaceDupes.php script[4] to take care of the "Wikijunior:" pages.

I am CC'ing Sam who's the person resposible for taking care of such bugs.


Hi Tomasz, thanks for your reply.

I should say I got misunderstanding about the related settings of Chinese Wikipedia. [1] Another technique should be used to display the namespace in Chinese (either traditional or simplified) - I shall find it out. Therefore, I abort the request of 'setting Chinese as default
display for both namespaces', but please set those Chinese names of Wikijunior as aliases. Thank you.

That two pages have been moved already.


  • [1]|namespacealiases

but please set those Chinese names of Wikijunior *or subject*
as aliases.

thank you.

Hi Jason,
so just to be completely sure: for the time being, you'd want us to create the two namespaces using their English names ('Subject:' and 'Wikijunior:') and add the Chinese names (and the two abbreviations) as aliases, right?

I mean, we have to choose the actual name for the namespace to be able to define its aliases.

Thanks :)

Hi Tomasz,

You are right, and just a reminder - please also create "CAT" as an acronym for namespace "category". Thank you.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I01cfd92d434f5134c6864a0e89802863f031eefb) (Gerrit Change I01cfd92d434f5134c6864a0e89802863f031eefb) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by Reedy]

Hi Jason,
as you see, the changes have been merged and pushed live by Reedy, who also ran the NamespaceDupes.php script. It went all right with the exception of — I guess you'll need to take care of it manually.

I'm closing the bug as RESOLVED FIXED — hope you guys will be able to fix that page (the contents are still visible at