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WikiLove message on User Page
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Author: shijualex

As of now, by default the wiki love message is placed on User Talk page even if we click the wiki love icon from User Page. But in most wikis (at least in Malayalam Wikipedia) the barnstars are usually placed on User Pages. So there should be an option to place the message directly on User page apart from the current User Talk page.

That is, if we click the WikiLove icon from User page the message should be placed on User Page. Same way if we click the Wiki Love icon from User Talk page then the message should be placed on User Talk page.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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I don't think this request is likely to be implemented.

  1. Editors currently only get a 'notification' about the update, if it's on their talkpage.
  2. Many other wikis also follow the pattern of storing the barnstars/awards on the userpage, but the editors generally (I believe) want to be able to make the decision themselves, because some barnstars are more humorous than honorary, and don't need to be preserved forever.
  3. It would definitely make the code more complicated
  4. it would make the user-interface more complicated if it was presented as an option (anywhere/everywhere).

I suggest declining this task.