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efSchemaValidate permits unrecognized additional fields
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If you add additional fields to your event that aren't in the schema+id you specify, efLogServerSideEvent nevertheless logs the event with isValid: true.

In the same situation client-side logEvent() will log with isValid: false and a warning "Unrecognized property: (bogus field's name)".

Depending on how json2sql handles this, the event won't be inserted in the SQL table, or will generate a set of table columns unsuitable for future events.

To reproduce, just add a "boGUSNewKEY" => 666, to a server-side event in PHP.

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ori added a comment.Jan 29 2013, 8:03 AM

This is permitted by the JSON Schema draft v3:

5.4. additionalProperties
This attribute defines a schema for all properties that are not
explicitly defined in an object type definition. If specified, the
value MUST be a schema or a boolean. If false is provided, no
additional properties are allowed beyond the properties defined in
the schema. The default value is an empty schema which allows any
value for additional properties.

Nevertheless, this bug is valid, because:

  1. Client-side and server-side validation should behave the same way
  2. A stricter interpretation of the draft in which additional values are disallowed seems sensible.

Merged by Ori on the 29th.

[moving from MediaWiki extensions to Analytics product - see bug 61946]

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