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MediaWiki message with tracking category and <includeonly>
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I made mediawiki message containing category link for tracking articles with specific error

(e. g. missing <references> - [[cs:MediaWiki:Cite error refs without references]])

Content was:

Message text<includeonly>[[Category:Foo|{{PAGENAME}}]]</includeonly>.

It worked fine in november, but now these categories were empty and I had to remove <includeonly> from messages to fill them again.

But now this MediaWiki message is in this category too



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Hi Jan,
could you please provide a minimal testcase for this, e.g. on a subpage of your userpage?

[[cs:Wikipedista:JAn_Dudík/work2]] have wrong format of reference, now is in the categoryÚdržba:Články_s_chybnými_referencemi

Could T104792 be a more comprehensive solution for this?

Solution for this will be T69700. I have deleted those messages on wiki, so there is no longer problem with them.

As far as I can see, the scope of this task now is fixing of parsing <includeonly> tags when transcluded as messages.