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Please temporary lift the IP cap in
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Tomorrow, Thursday, we will be holding an edithon for 10 people between 10:00a-6:00p Israel standard time (08:00a-04:00p GMT). Could someone be kind enough to lift the IP for from IP

I know this is a short notice, but I just learned about this myself. Much thanks to the one who will handle this request.

Version: wmf-deployment
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Is there a link to the details for the event?

If you think such a request has gone unnoticed and the event is about to start, go to the IRC channel #wikimedia-tech on Freenode IRC and ask for help. (See for general info on using IRC.)

There is no link to the event.

(In reply to comment #2)

There is no link to the event.

In that case it would be great to know who are the "we" in comment 0. :)

I am Tomer Ashur, chairman of Wikimedia Israel ([[w:he:user:תומר א.]], [[m:user:תומר א.]]). The event is organized by ([[w:he:user:יונה בנדלאק]], [[w:fr:Utilisateur:יונה בנדלאק]]).

Hey Tomer :-]

I have made the change in our review tool:

This still need to be verified by someone else AND to be applied in production.

Are you absolutely sure you want it for the French wiki ? I guess we might want to raise it for the hewiki as well dont we ? :-]

Hi Antoine,
The presentation is to be given in French to French people visiting Israel. That is exactly why I was not updated on this. They thought that since I do not speak French I cannot give them any help and didn't bother to update me.

Thanks for making the change. I will wait for someone to review.

Good to know! Amir reviewed it :-] I have merged and deployed the change on the live site. The throttle is raised from:

2013-01-30T00:00 +2:00
2013-02-01T00:00 +2:00

Which means starting today and still available tomorrow (January 31st).

If you ever have an issue, you will have to ping us on IRC :)

Happy edits!