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Download a single page from a PDF at the original (or high) resolution as JPEG
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Author: giusca

Currently, you can download a PDF page only on lower resolutions and on some pages (especially in newspapers), it's not enough to be able to read the text.

The only alternative for reading it is to download the whole PDF, but that makes it more complicated: some PDFs are very large (up to 100MB) or have hundreds of pages and it's harder to do this, especially on mobile devices with limited bandwidth or memory.

Sample page:ânia_Liberă_1885-01-25_nr._2259.pdf

The solution would be to allow to download the page as JPG in the full resolution that is available in the PDF, in the case in which it's stored as a bitmap, or at least to add a larger resolution in the list of available resolutions.

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The current PdfHandler code has references to "Big thumb" and "Small thumb".. I wonder if it's currently setup so we can use that, or if the current "Big thumb" isn't useful enough

giusca wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

Of course, you can just modify the url directly

Yes, but this is not very user-friendly.

For other kinds of files (example: ) there is a link to the "Full resolution" version of the file. I agree with Bogdan, there are end users savvy enough to look for that link where they are used to finding it, but not savvy enough to construct a custom URL. For ease of use and consistency with other file types, I think a link labeled "Full resolution" below the other size choices would be the way to go.

Inorder to download an image as jpeg a link such as "Download Image" has to be kept but as PdfHandler is only used at rendering pdf and displaying Thumbnails all other links around the images displayed I think are displayed from other files such as links such as " File , File history , File usage, Metadata" which are displayed on top are displayed form file ImagePage.php so how exactly the "Download Image" link can be displayed here or what could be the better way of displaying it?

can anyone say me how actually to get the path of the image where it is stored in Imagepage class ? i.e does it is stored in any variable in it ? if so how to retrieve the image of current page displayed ?

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