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spec out linked data interface for wikidata ontology
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The RDF representation of wikibase entities is based on the wikibase ontology and data type vocabulary. We need to spec out the URIs for these, and come up with a way to resolve these URIs to useful machine readable definitions as well as human readable documentation.

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Most of this has been implemented according to

Most importantly, generates a redirect to, based on the Accept header.

The URI for the ontology itself is specified, but not deployed yet, see Bug 47656.

The one open issue was just resolved in a discussion with Denny: URIs for data types should be handled like URIs for entities, Special:EntityData should return information about data types using pseudo-entity-ID: Special:EntityData/DataType/time(.rdf) would return information about the time data-type, so the respective URI would be

Verified in Wikidata demo time July 17th