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Add support for round-trip testing of non-English wiki pages
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Our current round-trip server (in js/tests/server) only supports titles from a single wiki, which is statically configured in the test runner config (js/tests/client).

In preparation for deployments to non-English wikis, we need to do some round-trip testing with content from those wikis. To keep the infrastructure simple, the plan is to mix titles from several wikis in a single test run. The db will need to be extended to store an interwiki prefix ('en', 'fr' etc) along with titles, and to send those prefixes to the client along with the title. Clients will need to be modified to set the language dynamically instead of using the static one from the client config. This will cause the clients to fetch pages, templates etc from the correct wiki.

The test results need to be sent back with the same language code set, so that the results can be associated with the correct language/title combination.

It would be nice to also add statistics per language (maybe just a simple lang=en parameter to the front-page stats), but just being able to test pages would already be great.

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