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CAPTCHA images are scaled, visibly affecting appearance
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ACUX scales the CAPTCHA images horizontally and vertically. The original images are not a consistent size, so sometimes the scaling is minor.

Other times, it's quite significant. is 224x66.

It's scaled to 270x60 regardless.

Version: master
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swalling wrote:

BTW gives me a "requested bogus captcha image" error. It is useful to add a screenshot when you see ui issues like this. :)

Anyway, thank you thank you thank you for reporting. I can't believe that after S and myself creating probably more than a hundred test accounts as part of the A/B testing, we didn't see this issue.

Created attachment 11742
This shows it being scaled by the old CSS


Created attachment 11743
This shows it without scaling


Good point. I've attached screenshots based on another case from enwiki. It's not quite as significant a difference as the above (which I don't have a screenshot of).

However, you can still see the stretching. Try flipping between the two in tabs.

swalling wrote:

Yeah there is definitely some stretching going on. It's not so bad in the screenshots as to make things significantly more difficult, but ACUX should not be changing the images at all if we can help it.

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