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I'm getting link notifications for each translation to a page.

For this particular case, the simplest solution is to exclude all translations. When they visit the original, they will still see the translation bar at the top letting them go to their language.

I filed this as a more general bug, since there might be other categories or types of pages to exclude from this notification later.

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Could you be more specific about what caused you to recieved the notification? You created a translation and then someone else linked it from the English version? Wouldn't you normally link translations yourself? I'm not sure I'm really understanding the gist of this bug.

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Sorry, I'll clarify. I started Extension:GettingStarted, then I got the notification:

"Extension:GettingStarted was linked by MediaWiki user Guillom, from this page: Wikimedia engineering report/2013/January/summary"

So far, so good.

However, it then began frequently sending me notifications for every translation, such as:

"Extension:GettingStarted was linked by MediaWiki user Ribe, from this page: Wikimedia engineering report/2013/January/summary/da"

Hence, my suggestion is to exclude those translations. Conceptually, they are not new links, but rather just translations of the canonical page's link.

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Content model text for translations could perhaps solve this.

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bsitu wrote:


Could you shed more light on how Content model text for translations could solve this prolbem?


Nikerabbit added a comment.Via ConduitJun 28 2013, 7:53 AM

I assume that no links would be registered when the content model is text, hence no notifications. I have already some hacks in place to prevent translations appearing in categories and similar, but this could be a nice generic solution for these issues.

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A userspace-subpage, that acted as a blacklist, would also be good.

A user at made this comment: "Also, is there any way to turn off notifications for a particular page? Years ago, I was involved in Articles For Creation and created a bunch of articles I have little actual interest in." and also clarified that they would want to list dozens of pages.

I suspect this is a fairly common circumstance, and that enabling users to create their own blacklists would be the best solution.

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Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Mingle card

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(In reply to comment #6)

A userspace-subpage, that acted as a blacklist, would also be good.

A user at

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