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Google Public DNS in Europe resolving to EQIAD
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Author: alexandra89

Google Public DNS always return the eqiad IP even if you are in Europe. It could be fixed including the European locations at on the Geo Database so that European DNS gave the esams IP.

Version: wmf-deployment
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The same issue seems to occur using OpenDNS on their Frankfurt servers, Amsterdam and London are ok.

Logged in the Ops RT

[setting same assignee as in RT]

"Took a while, but we now have this deployed. I've asked Google to whitelist our servers for edns-client-subnet on their bug tracker"

Our servers support the IETF draft edns-client-subnet since last week and we are whitelisted in Google's Public DNS as of today (based on both what the Google engineers told us and our own Ganglia graphs of EDNS Client subnet requests).

These work already:

$ dig +short @ A

$ dig +short @2001:4860:4860::8888 A

But others (like are not, at least not yet. I think the whitelist is still being ramped up internally at Google and TTLs have yet to expire. That, or Google Public DNS is buggy with edns-client-subnet + CNAMEs :)

I'm monitoring the situation, hopefully it'll resolve itself soon. works now as are quite a few other test cases. I consider this resolved now :)