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Pages cannot be listed multiple times in a category.
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Author: muke

(I was sure I had seen this bug listed before but
after several searches am still unable to find it)

to an article should (optionally?) allow it to be
listed in category X under both 'sort' and 'key'.

Current behavior lists it only under the latest
key, viz. 'key'.

The need for this on la.wikt is because, the
default sort being of little use, [[Categoria:
Lingua Iaponica]] (Japanese language) is sorted by
hiragana... the difficulty comes in that there are
words spelled identically but pronounced
differently in Japanese, and we can only sort under
the pronunciation of one.

The workaround would be to put them on separate
subpages, e.g. [[十 (とお)]] and [[十 (じゅう)]] but
this seems excessive (and has been tried, and
deprecated, on the English Wiktionary).

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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zigger wrote:

Another workaround is to used categorised redirections (see bug 1476).

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