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Talk page comments disregard the user date/time preference
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Talk page comments are dated with UTC when the user has the timezone set in the preferences.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: enhancement



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Yurivict created this task.Feb 12 2013, 3:18 AM

This is either a duplicate of bug 19992 or bug 25476. Yuri, what do you think?

I think this bug is directly related to how bug 25476 started and to its title, and bug 19992 is related in general. Bug 19992 discusses some kind of generic way how to make time zones displayed in the client side. And discussion in bug 25476 winds up to discussing the client side solution as well.

Actually, bug 25476 talks about the broader issue of the custom formatting of the time representation. This current bug is about correctness of the timezone, which is the different issue.

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For the benefit of readers (and to link these tasks together): bug 19992 = T21992, bug 25476 = T27476.