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update Gerrit/Git-related documentation after 2.6 upgrade
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Author: sumanah

The screenshots and other docs on, labsconsole, and relating to Git and Gerrit are now out of date after the ~2.6 upgrade this week.

<^demon> sumanah: If we're going to overhaul docs, I think it'd be a good time to trim the docs down greatly and link to the official gerrit docs more liberally.
<^demon> We repeat a lot of info that's in the docs already, and linking means it'll always be up to date.

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sumanah wrote:

Also check out, from Edwin Kempin on the Repo & Gerrit Discussion list:


at SAP we are doing a lot of trainings for users that are new to Git
and Gerrit. We normally do a 1 day hands-on workshop where participants
learn how to work with EGit and Gerrit. There are exercises so that
everybody can get familiar with the tools and the workflows.
The basic Git and Gerrit concepts are explained in details and
additionally background information about code review and best
practices are provided.

We have now made this training material and other Gerrit related
presentations available in a new Gerrit project called
'training/gerrit' [1,2]. We hope that this is of value for others and
want to invited everyone who is interested to help us to improve the
training material over time. Maybe you even have already training
material that you would like to share.

There is a second new project 'training/sample' [3] which contains the
sample application that is used as basis for the exercises of the
Git/Gerrit workshop.




After all the trimming I believe the only page we really need to check is . The rest of pages are for advanced use (in the best case) and those can be updated by the ones scratching their own itches.

In the tutorial there are 6 screenshots showing Gerrit UI. All the rest are command-line screenshots (that in fact would be better to have as pre-formatted text, but I'm digressing).

I wonder whether there are any changes in the instructions of the tutorial, since it covers only the basic usage.

I think we're fine at this point. If someone sees something wrong in the docs, they should be bold and fix it.