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Pre-save transform skips extensions using wikitext (gallery, references, footnotes, Cite, status indicators, pipe trick, subst, signatures)
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Jul 4 2005, 9:53 PM
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F2122: preSaveTransform-diff.txt
Nov 21 2014, 8:36 PM
F2121: pipeTrickTests.txt
Nov 21 2014, 8:36 PM
F2120: tagHookPST.patch
Nov 21 2014, 8:36 PM
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The PST features in wikitext are things like ~~~~ (becomes a signature on-save), pipe trick on links [[Title (disambig)|]] (becomes [[Title (disambig)|Title]] on save), and {{subst:#time:}} which can insert the current date.

These can be used in templates and in passing text, but not inside extension tags such as <ref> or <gallery>.

Use cases
  • Adding a signed caption inside a gallery, for example on a wikiproject page, or talk page. <gallery>File:Example|I like this one. ~~~~</gallery>.
  • Using the pipe trick in links inside gallery captions.
  • Using the current date as the default for template parameters. <ref>{{Cite web|title=|url=|access-date={{subst:#time:Y-m-d}}}}</ref>

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Am I correct in thinking that {{subst:CURRENTMONTH}} and {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}} not being substituded in this edit is due to this bug?

Yes, substituting within refs won't work if this bug is not resolved!

@Thryduulf use {{#tag:ref|}} or {{subst:#tag:ref|}} and it will work

and I would love to see this added to the projects for fixing that are coming up. It is truly time that this got resolved for all wikis.

Krinkle updated the task description. (Show Details)
Krinkle removed a project: Patch-For-Review.

Not sure why this needs triage now. It's a long standing broken part of the system, which should have been fixed a long time ago. If the foundation can't fix it in 14 years, and with, I suppose, about $1bn to spent, I despair of having anythung useful done. Certainly lowering the priority won't help, and raising it seems unlikely to either.

@Aklapper You refer @Rich_Farmbrough to - but that's a very long essay with multiple claims. Which of them do you think applies to this bug?

"Hence there are many tasks which will stay unresolved forever. It is unrealistic to expect all tasks to ever get fixed.", perhaps?

Or perhaps Rich has seen it, and has noted that it suggests "sometimes the best bet is ... to convince someone else (maintainers, developers, external developers) to write that software patch."

More generally, please be specific, not vague, just as you enjoin others to be

@Pigsonthewing: I'm not sure if I get the question correctly, sorry... I replied to a comment mentioning "should have been a fixed long time ago" and "Priority".
Hence all of that page applies to this ticket, and for example also the two sentences that you quoted.

The whole page cannot apply, since the two quotes I gave involve mutually exclusive outcomes.

This problem has just been raised again in a discussion at where the subst'ed template "Format ISBN" is seen as a solution to a problem ... but does not, currently, work within <ref> tags. So I add my voice here to urge that this problem should be fixed ASAP for the benefit of readers and editors.