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ULS Unknown Language {ber, fonipa, kok}
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Author: mwalker

When clicking the edit summary box on meta, I get the following errors in my JS console:

ULS: Unknown language ber. load.php:294
ULS: Unknown language fonipa. load.php:294
ULS: Unknown language kok. load.php:294

Version: master
Severity: minor
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Not a big issue. I do wonder where these so-called language codes come from, though, because they are completely unknown to me in a MediaWiki context.

1346: source: 'rules/fonipa/ipa-sil.js'
1443: 'fonipa': {

It's also mentioned in an old discussion but not in any script on Meta or Commons.

They are happening when uploading with UW:
"ULS: Unknown language doi."
"ULS: Unknown language fonipa."

(it also seems to lock up a little while loading ULS)

  • Bug 57121 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

They are happening whenever ULS triggers, or maybe whenever it loads. It's pretty annoying.