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For some sitelinks Wikidata shows "The specified article could not be found"
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in wikidata for some pages it doesn't accept pages and it show "The specified article could not be found on the corresponding site," error



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popeno2003 wrote:

I think it is problem with ZWNJ. I have tested random words with and without it. and words without ZWNJ work fine.

Yes, we replace some chars rather harshly (zwnj is one of them) and should probably change this.

It seems like some of the reported pages really don't exist, but it could be something else that is going on. Copy-pasting from the actual pages seems to work in a patchset, but as my Persian is a bit rotten I don't know if I got the right pages.

popeno2003 wrote:

Hi, You can use these which have article in persian Wiki and have ZWNJ.

کمپانی واین‌اشتاین have one zwnj between واین and اشتاین

لست.اف‌ام have one zwnj between اف and ام


popeno2003 wrote:

and on Persian keyboard the button combination for zwnj is shift+space-bar on win8, linux and mac.

also for finding palace of ZWNJ you can use
it shows ZWNJ as U+200C or ‌

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shervinafshar wrote:

I see this as fixed for the interwiki link fields: (see the entry for fa which has a ZWNJ in the title).

But for the rest of editable content (labels, descriptions, etc) on the page, the issue still exists.

Test case:

  • Add the text "ش‌س" (logical order: U+634, U+200C, U+633).
  • Save
  • Pass if not changed; fail if saved as "ش س" (logical order: U+634, U+0020, U+633).

it is more than ZWNJ ! i.e.
I could

but I couldn't add فهرست قسمت‌های دکستر to and it shows this error! ''The external client site did not provide page information.''

after last update (Status_updates/2013_03_01) still this patch doesn't work properly!
i.e. adding
fa > فهرست پررفت‌وآمدترین فرودگاه‌های آمریکا
to Q5358278 is not possible also for label it converts ZWNJs to space

popeno2003 wrote:

Reza is right, the interface add a " " instead of ZWNJ, which is false.

This is _merged_ into our master, it is _not_ in production.

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Verified in Wikidata demo sprint 34