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Add nowiki support to jqueryMsg
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Add <nowiki> support to jqueryMsg. It should have the same behavior for each of the four supported formats (plain/text/escaped/parse) as the server.

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: normal

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Change 288330 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński):
mediawiki.jqueryMsg: Implement <nowiki> support

Is it really wise to implement all of the strange wiki-syntax in mediawiki.jqueryMsg? Wouldn't it be better to pre-parse the messages on server-site and transfer the pre-parsed messages to mediawiki.jqueryMsg which only contain simple mark-up.

No, I am definitely not going to implement all of the strange syntax, especially when there are workarounds (for example, the '' and ''' syntax is something I am definitely not going to work on, when you can just use <i> and <b>). But I think it is worthwhile to have some kind of escaping in jqueryMsg. My use case is T134049; that one could also be solved by allowing HTML entities, but <nowiki> seemed easier to implement.

Parsing messages server-side would be great, but it's not a small project, and it would still require client-side code for messages that have parameters (a plain $1 in text would be easy, but syntax like {{PLURAL:$1}} is something I don't see an obvious solution for). But see T27349 about that (it even had some recent comments).

Change 288330 merged by jenkins-bot:
mediawiki.jqueryMsg: Implement <nowiki> support