VisualEditor: IME input into an empty slug causes characters to overwrite one another
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Author: visionary.incident

I cannot input japanese consecutive characters in the beginning of the line.

Firefox version is 18.0.2 .

For example



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Severity: normal

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I was able to confirm it (using Katakana) in Chrome on MacOS. Apparently it depends on the speed of typing (Selenium test for it is going to be interesting).

Only works if the line has no text.
Confirmed on bullet-type lines too.

Inez, is there an update on this bug?

  • Bug 53064 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Just as a note, we are refactoring the Surface code in ContentEditable to make this fixable, hence the delay.

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I suspect this is no longer broken. Please re-test.

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