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Create a "zen mode"/"Distraction free mode" MediaWiki extension
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Perhaps might be nice in MediaWiki core, but would definitely be nice as at least a MediaWiki extension, we should implement a "zen mode" capability from ?action=edit.

GitHub and it seems like the Cloud9 IDE both have this mode. It's demonstrated here:

In short, in the case of GitHub, it appears to be a bit of JavaScript that adds a "zen mode" button to the UI. When the user clicks this button, the non-essential page elements are hidden from the page, allowing the user to focus on the textarea (or other central input area) alone. Basically it reduces the amount of noise on the page in order to increase the signal.

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Could easily be done as a gadget, rather than a extension.

So... I like the way that Phabricator does full screen. It's probably more accurately called full browser window. I think we should steal the (idea of) their code and put it in MediaWiki core. It can't be that much JavaScript... and then the wikitext edit toolbar (WikiEditor?) and the VisualEditor toolbar can be modified to expose this full browser window functionality. Does that seem reasonable?

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