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Cannot easily retry upload
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During a photo upload click cancel or let it fail. Toast message appears but if I scroll slightly (which I am doing during the upload to entertain myself) the toast message disappears. No easy way to retry. Just ran into this problem twice on a slow connection...

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jgonera wrote:

A commit that makes the upload button reappear after a failure/cancel was merged into master today. Does that fix this problem?

no because my description and image are forgotten...

The _upload-preview event sets a lastFile variable. If an upload succeeds or the overlay is scaped we could clear this and if it fails we could reuse it on a subsequent click on the button.
Worth implementing?

we could reuse it on a subsequent click on the button

Maybe with an ask to the user, if he want to use the cached file or upload a new. But with this, we haven't the description (if the user fails after he wrote the desc).

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Upload feature was removed.