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Incorrect spelling in Odia in ULS
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Incorrect spelling for all of them

The spelling of "Odia" is incorrectly written as "Odiya" in both transliteration and Inscript. The spelling appears in the pop up window in Odia is also incorrect. Could someone please direct me the places where I can change them?

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Incorrect spelling for Inscript


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Incorrect spelling for Transliteration


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Incorrect spelling in Narayam & ULS

Here are few multiple incorrect spellings used on Narayam. The name of the language is "Odia" (Odiya is incorrect and the community decided to keep Odia over Oriya).


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Gibberish spelling mistakes in Typing tools on ULS

Here are the correct names to be used for typing tools:

Odia InScript
Odia Transliteration
Odia Lekhani

PS the names are to be used in Roman and not in Odia script.


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The descriptions of the keyboards reside in this file:;a=blob;f=Narayam.i18n.php;h=1cf384fd7e87e4401af96a29968e44111f1da818;hb=HEAD

Could you also please assign the bug to yourself if you are making the updates?


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Considering this issue resolved when gerrit 60242 is merged. Please create new and separate issues for any remaining issues. In those cases, please also use text that can be copied and pasted for old and new strings, so that we can locate and fix things quickly. Thanks.