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Flip guider in opposite direction if it falls outside the viewport
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Author: swalling

Similar to the issue we ran in to at bug 44635, the single step GettingStarted tour can easily fall outside of your view if you have a browser that is ~1024x768 or smaller.

We could temporarily solve this problem by repositioning the guider on top, or by moving it automatically, but I think the best solution is to flip these particular guiders from right to left if they fall outside the viewport.

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Severity: major



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swalling wrote:

Example of issue


The change to Guiders is . It adds an option to flip guiders horizontally and/or vertically (as needed for a particular guider) when it would otherwise go above the top, left of the left side, or right of the right side.

There is also a utility method for doing the actual flip, which will be reused by the RTL code.

See bug 46137 for an edge case issue with the implementation.