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Create a tool like SpamBlacklist in AbuseFilter
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The SpamBlacklist is a very old extension, is not particularly easy to use, and can be functionally replaced right now by using the AbuseFilter extension.

However, editing a single monolithic AbuseFilter isn't a much better situation - perhaps a special kind of filter that can take multiple regex strings defined separately, rather than in a single block, with the ability to add resposibility/comments/dates against each line.

[Very much an enhancement!]

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While I like the idea (this could entirely replace the Spam blacklist extension) this isn't possible in case we want to use the existing parser. That would simply blow due to performance reasons. Using a different format will work, though.

This depends on the availability of global filters as this isn't very useful if it's local only.

Agreed on both points - though note that global AbuseFilters are a few days away (he says, jinxing things).