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[TUX] Expired edit token is not refreshed
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When keeping the message list page open for long time, the edit token can expire.

I understood that the mw.api.edit module should automatically try to refresh the token if this is the case, but it is not happening.

The message is marked as "Unsaved", and if you open it, there is warning: "Unable to save message: Invalid token".

The only way out of this is to copy the translation to clipboard and refresh the page and do it again.

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This is a dupe. There is an open issue with "invalid token" in the summar for Translate.

That was filed against the old editor. I was under the impression that it would have been fixed in TUX already.

  • Bug 46062 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Patch I2bc6724cee387c8f849aa7903d968548ae39c848

Steps for reproduction according to Niklas: open a translation editor, log out, log in, wait a day, try to save.
He also said that the fix should be live on production (although I've no idea how); if it is, it didn't work.