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Add margin: .5em; to #loginend for consistence with #userloginForm
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If you go to
you'll notice the borders of the <div id="userloginForm"> and <div id="loginend"> are not left/right aligned.

This seems to be caused by the presence of "margin: .5em;" for "#userloginForm" but not for "#loginend".

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: enhancement



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Is this for the Monobook theme? Or for Vector? Vector I see different styles...

Oh, nevermind. Vector has the styles you mentioned.

There's a patch in gerrit attempting to solve this: [[gerrit:53614]]

rahul14m93 wrote:

Gerrit Change #53614

rahul14m93 wrote:

Status : Merged

Rahul, if this is done can you mark the bug as resolved fixed? (I'm not sure if Rahul has editbugs, can you check that, Andre?)