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PDF conversion broken by multicolumn formatting: "Article could not be rendered"
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Author: nrp

This is my first bug report so forgive me if I screw it up.

We received an e-mail at OTRS (ticket # 2013030410006626) about a problem with the PDF conversion of the Stabat Mater article (

The error as reported is:

"I've tried to get the PDF of 'Stabat Mater' over the past week. It does not form into a proper PDF with the proper layout - this is the first time I have come across this issue.

The message at the top of the PDF reads: "WARNING: Article could not be rendered - ouputting plain text. Potential causes of the problem are: (a) a bug in the pdf-writer software (b) problematic Mediawiki markup (c) table is too wide" --- this one on attempt dated 04Mar13"

After asking at VPT, another user responded that the culprit is the multi-column formatting in the Text section. I copied the article to a user subpage without the multi-column formatting ( and asked the user who reported the problem to see if it now worked. The user reported back that it does indeed convert to PDF without that formatting.

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Thanks for taking the time to report this!
Moving to the PDF component.

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PDF with an error message

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Other example from, apparently due to templates {{Colonne}}, {{Colonne spezza}} and {{Colonne fine}}.
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Is this still going to be an issue with the new Proton service?

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Both seem fixed now with Proton PDF rendering. Book rendering not taken into consideration.