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[TUX] Loading of messages list fails in several ways for anonymous users
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I'm not sure what's supposed to be working and what not, but looks like there's not a bug for this; Niklas says it's related to ULS on Meta, IIRC.
As anonymous,!translated&action=translate shows a spinning "Loading messages..." forever.
On the other hand if you select an aggregate group it works because the normal messages list is loaded:
Now if you switch to a subgroup (which doesn't look complete from the bars) you get "No messages to show.":
Now, the link "All" does nothing (another bug, same logged in), but if you ctrl-click "All" and re-add tux=1 (another bug) you get again the perennial "Loading messages..."

Everything works and translations are saved with tux=0, and... perhaps even with tux=1, but I got lost in some English errors and now I forgot.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 1:30 AM
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Should be deployed in an i18n deployment window or lightning window when fixed.

Once ULS change I796a7c9cce0de42bf8aa06b26e383e0075dbe1dd merged, this should get resolved

I just tested this on translatewiki's dev instance, and also on Meta with the latest deployment. All seems to be working fine.