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review lsearch-global.conf for beta context
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The Lucene configuration file lsearch-global.conf is expanded from a puppet template and needs to be adapted for the beta context. It is currently buggy and only have 3 indexes enabled on the search box.

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lsearch-global-2.1.conf as generated on the beta cluster

The attached file is the expanded puppet template on deployment-search01 and deployment-searchidx01 (/a/search/conf/lsearch-global-2.1.conf).

The list of database is directly listed from the MediaWiki all-labs.dblist but then we need to setup [Database-Group] properly. That currently only list sv and mw :(

$ ls /a/search/indexes/search/
mw-titles.tspart1 sv-titles.tspart1 sv-titles.tspart2

So I guess whenever we figure out [Database-Group] content, we will get all the index deployed on the search box and will finally have search working :-]


ccing ram and notpeter who knows about searching :-]

Ram instructed to remove the [Database group] section.

Merged in and the search box now has a ton of index to play with.

Removing the [Database-group] section for beta solved the issue. The indices are fetched by the search instance =)