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[[MediaWiki:Mainpage]] and the other navigation utilities should allow pipes, &nbsp; <span dir="foo" >
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Author: gangleri


I did run into this traying to use at the RTL Testwiki Golem using Yiddish both
YIVO transcription *and* Hebrew writing varinats.

Unfortunatelly the text "ערשטע זײַט - ershte zayt" is split in two lines in a
maner I do not like. See:

you can see that navigation utilities (for 1.4, new ones used in 1.5) do *not*
support pipes, &nbsp; <span dir="foo" >

See at the RTL wiki Golem:
ערשטע זײַט - ershte zayt|ערשטע&nbsp;זײַט - <span dir="ltr" >ershte&nbsp;zayt</span>

See at the LTR wiki Nuka-Wiki:
ershte zayt - ערשטע זײַט|ershte&nbsp;zayt - <span dir="rtl" >ערשטע&nbsp;זײַט</span>

Regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

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Severity: enhancement



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jeluf wrote:

MediaWiki:Mainpage defines the name of the main page. The name must be a legal
article title. HTML and pipes are not allowed in page titles. Support for this
is not intended.

I'm not sure whether Unicode characters can be used to change the writing
direction. Unicode provides mechanisms to do this, I'm not sure about browser

gangleri wrote:

The background of this bug is about how the navigation items render. Navigation
is available at every page and will influence the overall impression about the
site. I understand that MediaWiki is neither limited to 7bit ASCII nor to the
"approachs" used until now.

The MediaWiki messages used for navigation are protected by user rigths. I see
no risc in understanding and supporting additional needs compared to the ones
known so far.

Best regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

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