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Generate statistics about change dispatching
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It would be useful to have a way to show statistics about the change dispatching process. dispatchChanges.php should have a --stats option, and perhaps there could also be a special page that allows these stats to be seen without shell access.

The following statistics would be useful:

  • Number of target wikis
  • current (max) change id and max change timestamp
  • size of the wb_changes table
  • the target most recently updated, with change id and timestamp
  • the target least recently updated, with change id and timestamp (based on wb_change_dispatch.chd_seen and chd_touched).
  • show id and timestamp of the *median* target.

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The present statistics will be fluctuating, and in some cases a single page view can give a totally wrong impression of the present health situation. Better statistics is rather difficult to make, so I think we can use this for now.

Verified in Wikidata demo sprint 35-3