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Agree and Document the Process to Include Security Fixes in MediaWiki Releases
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Currently the process to include security fixes to MediaWiki releases seems to rely too much on personal & private communication? This is a fragile and indocumented process that can suffer from holidays or other absences by the individuals involved.

How should this problem be solved in the context of the imminent Bugzilla migration to Phabricator?

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What is the point of T527? How is that different than this task (which is about the process which inherently includes communication). Also "work towards" in any task summary suggests the plan is too wiggly/non-definitive. There's no easy definition of done for "work towards". Making the task is "working towards".

In fact, that task descriptions are the same....

Okay, then the tasks will be deleted with comments added.

Release team will discuss with Foundation about backup plan for Chris (the Foundation decides) and Markus (Mark).

Discuss process in Bugzilla with two criteria (patched in production and patch for master is reviewed) and flag “Ready for Release”.

Agreement has been reached, documentation will follow.

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@Qgil, if you don't have any problems with the task being closed, I will close it later today.

Ideally this should be announced to the WMF release team and/or wikitech-l, since that is where the problem came from.

Thanks. Mark or Markus will make the announcement by tomorrow.