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Enable "Subject:" namespace at Thai Wikibook and change sitename
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Per consensus atวิกิตำรา:สภากาแฟ/จัดระเบียบวิกิตำรา, we would like to enable "Subject:" namespace. and would like to have "หัวเรื่อง:" and "คุยเรื่องหัวเรื่อง:" to be localized namespace of "Subject:" and "Subject talk:" respectively.

In addition, we had translated "wikibooks" to "วิกิตำรา" long time ago, however, {{ sitename }} is still "wikibooks" nowadays. So please change sitename from "wikibooks" to "วิกิตำรา" too.

Thank you.

Version: wmf-deployment
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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 22 2014, 1:19 AM
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I see that you have working aliases 'Wikibooks' and 'คุยเรื่องWikibooks' leading to NS_PROJECT and NS_PROJECT_TALK, respectively. Since you are requesting wgSitename to be changed from 'Wikibooks' to 'วิกิตำรา', don't you want more aliases leading to those two namespaces?

I would assume you'd want to have 'วิกิตำรา' set as an alias to NS_PROJECT, but I have no idea about the other one.

We'll keep the existing aliases not to break existing links, obviously.

Stupid questions are stupid. I see that this is exactly what you're currently using :)

I'm setting the requested namespaces as 102 and 103.

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