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Create Debian package for ruby gem "jsduck" (operations/debs/jsduck)
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After my failed attempt[1] to gem-install it including dependencies bundled locally, I'll just instead ask operations to do it the "right" way via a Debian package published in Wikimedia's aptitude/ubuntu repository and installing it via Puppet on

I however have no idea how to do this so I need someone in operations to do this instead (which will need to be involved anyway to push it to

The following page may be useful, though I couldn't figure it out:

The source code of JSDuck is here:

Latest stable version as of writing is v4.6.2:

It is published on RubyGems:

The popular installation procedure is simply "gem install jsduck".

The source code includes a gemspec where the runtime dependencies are declared.


The created bundle worked locally but failed on gallium.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: major



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