Add parameter(s) for UploadWizard to redirect to target page after upload


Author: flominator


A parameter like &returnto=URL could be added to UploadWizard so that the user, when upload is completed, is redirected to that URL, or even to the edit window.

For instance, could link prefilled with the current of the page, prepended with the image markup like [[File:Example.jpg|Example description]].

User story: Like mentioned in bug 33234 it is easy for the a potential upload to find the wizard, but often he won't be able to include his picture to the article.

I suggested at different approach here:

What about some additional get parameters like project, language and page/article when you link to upload wizard from an article?

This would offer a lot of potential workflow improvement:

  1. You could use those parameters to create a link to the article the user called upload wizard from. You could write: "Now insert [[:File:.....|thumb|....]] to this article.
  1. You could even link to editing the article and inserting the file source code (maybe by asking him the paragraph he wants to insert the image at?)

A different handling for infoboxes would be great, since there are a lot of infoboxes, that use the image as parameter.

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There's a vote button up there for that :)

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flominator wrote:

Has this to be done server side within the extension or is there a chance to do is in javascript without having to modify the extension?

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T91717 is a better approach for making it easy to add images to articles. That said, this would be pretty easy to do.

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WMDE folks implemented a variant of this for Wiki Loves Monuments campaigns, see T105281.

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