Adding parameters for target article, language and project to Upload Wizard


Author: flominator

Like mentioned in bug 33234 it is easy for the a potential upload to find the wizard, but often he won't be able to include his picture to the article.

I suggested at different approach here:

What about some additional get parameters like project, language and page/article when you link to upload wizard from an article?

This would offer a lot of potential workflow improvement:

  1. You could use those parameters to create a link to the article the user called upload wizard from. You could write: "Now insert [[:File:.....|thumb|....]] to this article.
  1. You could even link to editing the article and inserting the file source code (maybe by asking him the paragraph he wants to insert the image at?)

A different handling for infoboxes would be great, since there are a lot of infoboxes, that use the image as parameter.

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Severity: enhancement
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There's a vote button up there for that :)

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flominator wrote:

Has this to be done server side within the extension or is there a chance to do is in javascript without having to modify the extension?

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