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Deliver notification using Echo where available
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TN should deliver notifications through Echo where available.



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It seems that now that cross wiki notifications are available, using them would allow us to remove lot of code related to sending and different formats of delivery. That would leave the ui for signing up, delivering batches messages and the ui for sending messages.

@Nikerabbit any additional work should be done on the task?

There hasn't been any work done on this task, so yes.

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Is it used on wikis where Echo is not available? Because if not, and Echo is made a dependency, email delivery can be removed, letting Echo take care of both on-wiki and email notifications. This would remove some technical debt, as currently TranslationNotifications needs to handle users with disabled email on its own, while with Echo emails, this would be Echo’s responsibilty. (Talk page messages could remain, for those who prefer an actual edit to a wiki page.)