Article namespace moves causing ancient articles to get listed on NewPagesFeed
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Author: jacksonpeebles

See,, and for more information. The list at, when sorted with the Oldest on top, frequently comes up with ancient articles, which is very frustrating when trying to clear a queue.

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This is done intentionally by PageTriage (the original developers can put light on why its done so).

Is it not possible to remove it off the list by marking it as reviewed?

It won't be removed just on marking it as reviewed but that is needed and eventually it would go off when some admin runs the updatePageTriageQueue script.

jacksonpeebles wrote:

The admins on English Wikipedia have expressed difficulty in fixing the problem. I confirm that, even as a reviewer (thought it might make a difference due to page protection), the page will not go off once reviewed.

We're using different terminology, I think :). So, the list of articles to be reviewed is automatically updated. When the update script is run (by the sysadmins), any reviewed old articles should go away.

The underlying problem here is an unintentional consequence of a very important feature of page curation; that, unlike special:newpages, it lists pages /moved/ into the article namespace. It's not something that can easily be fixed, unfortunately.

I've asked Graham87 to stop moving existing articles out of mainspace in order to merge the histories.

I can't necessarily do that without causing even more database wibbles, as I said at

Can't the algorithm be a bit more intelligent? Like, say, if the page was previously moved twice within five minutes or less from title A to title B then back again, then don't list it on the new pages feed? Or would it be easier to add a target title field to the import special page?

Fortunately I don't need to import pages from the Nostalgia Wikipedia anywhere near as often as I used to.

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