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Quick "Show other bug reports in this component" query link in bug report
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Quoting S Page:

What's the quickest way to go from seeing a bug for a particular component
to viewing all bugs for that component? That's my biggest frustration with
Bugzilla. The advanced search is so big and complicated, and having to
re-choose Mediawiki extensions & choose extension each time gets old.

RedHat Bugzilla shows a "(Show other bugs)" link next to the component dropdown. Simon (its maintainer) was kind enough to point me to which has that four-liner patch attached.
Has not been upstreamed unfortunately.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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Tried the Red Hat patch locally and of course code has changed in the meantime.

In edit.html.tmpl, the <td> for the component dropdown (in which I wanted to insert that new link) is now created by including field.html.tmpl which is generic for all these meta fields. Hence passing no_tds=1 and constructing the <td>s and the "Component:" label manually seems to work.

As our Bugzilla/Gerrit/Puppet setup is still far from perfect (and I'm too lazy right now to copy the file from "default" to "custom" and then create a patch on top of it), quick & dirty paste of the changes in template/en/default/bug/edit.html.tmpl:


[%#  Component  #%]
  <td class="field_label">
    <label for="component"><b><a href="describecomponents.cgi?product=[% bug.product FILTER uri %]">Component</a></b></label>:
  [% INCLUDE bug/field.html.tmpl
      bug = bug, field = bug_fields.component, 
      no_tds = 1, value = bug.component
      override_legal_values = bug.choices.component
      desc_url = "describecomponents.cgi?product=$bug.product"
      editable = bug.check_can_change_field('component', 0, 1)
(<a href="buglist.cgi?component=[% bug.component FILTER uri %]&product=[% bug.product FILTER uri %]" target="new_window">Show other [% terms.bugs %]</a>)
  <td class="field_label">
    <label for="version"><b>Version</b></label>:


Change 81212 had a related patch set uploaded by Aklapper:
Display link to show list of other bug reports in same component

Change 81212 merged by Dzahn:
Display link to show list of other bug reports in same component