Please upload a > 500 MiB video on Wikimedia Commons
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Hi, would it be possible to upload a video file to Wikimedia Commons?

I am asking this on behalf of [[User:Tsui]].

He provided the required files on Google Drive − is that workable for you?

Please use the username “Tsui”



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JeanFred created this task.Mar 21 2013, 8:11 PM

I'm assigning this to Reedy, since he has been mainly responsible for doing server-side uploads over the past few months.

I tried getting the files with wget, but it looks like it's not that easy; I guess downloading GoogleCL would help here, not sure whether you WMF guys want to install it.

If anyone gets the idea how to download the file without going into too much trouble, please do share it!

Putting the file on a standard FTP server would make it easier...

You can now fetch the file and the txt description from:

tsui wrote:

I am sorry for all the fuss I am causing with this movie. Right now I have to ask you to wait a little with the upload/transfer of the ogv because something is wrong with the file. There are compression errors/artefacts in it (which at first I thought are only visible in the preview at Google Drive but actually are in the original file as well). At the moment I am re-rendering the movie and will upload the new file as soon as it is ready. I will let you know at this place.

Thanks to an e-mail from Tsui, a fixed version is available, again, at Shouldn't be too hard to wget it to fenari, as far as remember :)

Reedy added a comment.Apr 9 2013, 10:11 PM

reedy@fenari:/tmp/uploads$ sudo -u apache mwscript importImages.php --wiki=commonswiki --comment-ext=txt --user=Tsui /tmp/uploads
Import Images

Importing Alaskan_Huskies_-_Sled_Dogs_-_Ivalo_2013.ogv...done.

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