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desktop view on mobile domain
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There's a scenario where you can be on a mobile domain (eg and get the desktop view of the site rather than the mobile view. To reproduce:

  • Go to any article on (you should be in the mobile view)
  • Take an action that would bypass varnish caching (eg opt in to beta or alpha)
  • Tap 'Desktop view' in the footer
  • Go to any article on (do NOT tap 'mobile view' in the footer - enter the URL manually)

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Severity: normal



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What's likely to be the culprit here?

The problem here is having the stopMobileRedirect cookie set (which will prevent automatic redirection of a mobile device to a mobile domain [eg ->]) but directly requesting something from the mobile domain (eg clicking a link to a .m domain, or manually entering

If a mobile-specific domain exists (determinable by the use of $wgMobileUrlTemplate), that domain should /always/ return a mobile version of the site, even if the stopMobileRedirect cookie is set.

Forgot to finish... otherwise (if we allow desktop view form a mobile domain), we run a risk of polluting the mobile cache with desktop versions of articles.