Create a VisualEditor plugin tool to insert/edit references to Wikidata queries


Though bug 39598 will mean that VisualEditor will be able to edit infoboxes as they are now (alongside other templates), in the near-future Wikidata will replace a great many of the entries in these infoboxes with Wikidata queries (syntax still to be locked down).

For the VisualEditor to be truly useful for users in this context, users should be able to:

  • add, review, modify and remove references to existing Wikidata queries;
  • add or amend arbitrary Wikidata queries for the above; and
  • do so in both VisualEditor-mode contexts (paragraphs of text etc.) and wikitext-mode contexts (like the template dialog as it will initially be).

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
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[replacing wikidata keyword by adding CC - see bug 56417]

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I consider this very important. We'll unfortunately not be able to dedicate resources to this in the near future. Does your team have them? We should discuss in this case how exactly this should all look like in the end.

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