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Remove "huggle" Bugzilla user group
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Author: Thehelpfulonewiki

If you look at, there's nothing there that's particularly special about the group (I just removed admins from automatically being a member of that group).

There are only really 3 users who are a member of this group,

The "group controls" for the Huggle product, which I believe this group was created for only allows users to use canconfirm and editbugs, which those three users already have access to.

Unless I am mistaken, there's therefore no need for this group?

Andre can you confirm?

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal



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There is the cf_hugglebeta dropdown custom field, shown as ""Assignee Huggle Beta Tester:"" on show_bug.cgi for Huggle tickets, but that's also completely unrelated to any groups, plus it does not seem to be used at all.

One could also use groups to share specific "saved searches" by default among team members, but I don't see any searches mentioning "huggle" on either.

So it looks like there is no reason to keep or have this group.

CC'ing Petr, maybe he knows a bit of the Huggle history here?

I don't really know why it exist, if you believe it's necessary to remove it for whatever reason and you are sure it won't break anything... I wouldn;t mind

<tl;dr>: I've deleted this group now.

For the records, members of the "Huggle" group in Bugzilla were:

As "Use for bugs" was set for this group, the group controls of the Bugzilla product "Huggle" defined that for the "huggle" group,

  • canconfirm allowed users in this group to confirm bugs in the product Huggle.
  • editbugs allowed users in this group to edit all fields of bugs in the product Huggle.

But that's both permissions we normally hand out globally (for all products) in Bugzilla anyway, so no good reasons to keep this group.
Hence I've deleted this group now.